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We offer multiple sessions at a discounted rate to help make your wellness plan more affordable.
The benefits of massage therapy have been proven to increase with consistent and frequent sessions


Tanja Bjazevic. Licensed and Certified Massage Therapist since 2005, Licensed Aesthetician since 2006 and with finished Master program in Aesthetic from 2009.

With Personal Training background and a degree in Chemistry, later working in scuba diving center in Mexico and having home health company at one point, my destiny took me on a completely different path, approach in life and about life. Observing disease and different ailments that people come to my studio with, also losing family member from cancer made me educating myself in nutrition and holistic approach to everything I’m surrounded with.

My passion is in assisting clients in their natural healing process, addressing strains, sprains, overworked muscles, atrophied muscles (seniors/living assistant/nursing homes clients), tight and painful ligaments and other possible injuries. I’m certified to perform Deep Tissue Massages, Hot Stone/Hot Lava Shell, Pregnancy Massage, Ashiatsu, Ashithai, LomiLomi, Reflexology, Orthopedic Massage for Neck and Bamboo Massage.

There is no better feeling than receiving a call from a client day or few after massage session and hearing that they are feeling better or that they are completely pain-free.

With therapists

Beatriz Arellano Gutiérrez, Master Aesthetician
Laura Lane, Body Worker
Pissamai Dohmen (Miss Timm), Master Medical Aesthetician

Products We Use

In our center we use only the best products
containing natural and organic plant-based ingredients

Treatment Philosophy

Do no harm

Treat the whole person and not just signs and symptoms

Identify and treat the cause

Use the healing power of nature

Prevention is better than cure

The doctor is also a teacher

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