Terms and Conditions

If you must cancel or reschedule, I ask that you do so 24 hours or more before your service was originally scheduled to begin.
Less then 24h, cancellation fee will be applied. 50% of scheduled appointment will be requested through PayPal if appointment time is not filled with another service.
No Show clients will be charged full amount of scheduled appointment trough PayPal.

Please, be on time! In fact, please be ten-fifteen minutes early.
Please, leave your cell phones and all other worldly worries and woes at home or car when you come.
Forms of payment: checks, cash and credit card.

Thank you!

  • Massage therapy is a treatment that may benefit the individual in many different ways. We make no claim that massage therapy or any other treatment should be a substitute for medical advise or intervention. We also make no claim as to the effectiveness of massage therapy for the treatment of any medical condition.
  • Massage therapy is non-sexual. This therapist does not interact sexually in any way with a client. Clients who make sexually suggestive remarks or make sexual advances toward a therapist during a session will have the session terminated immediately while still being required to pay the full amount for the session. Draping is required.
  • It is understood that an appointment is made for each massage session. With that in mind, if the appointment is to be cancelled, at least 24 hours notice is required so another client can take advantage of that “Time Slot”. A 50% fee will apply for an appointment that is cancelled with less than 24 notice. No show client will be charged full amount.
  • If an appoinment is made to redeem a Gift Certificate/Discount Vouchers/Coupon/Groupons/Etc. and the appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice or the client does not show up, the Gift Certificate/Discount Vouchers /Coupon/Groupon will be voided without a refund.
  • Gift Certificates/Discount Vouchers/Coupons/Groupons/Etc. must be redeemed by the expiration date (meaning, the service has to take place by the expiration date). Please be sure to call ahead of time to make your appointment, we want to see all of you, but we each only have 2 hands 🙂
  • After the expiration date discount Vouchers/Coupons/Groupons/Etc. will be required to pay the difference to equal the full amount of the service purchased. (i.e. If a voucher is purchased for a 60 minute massage and the purchaser paid $30, they will be required to pay an additional $30 to redeem that voucher after it has expired). Appointments after expiration dates are Subject to availabilty.
  • Mind + Body Focus GIFT CARD holders…….your gift card is valid 100% first year from the date on your card……..
    second year only 50%……so do not wait too long to come and use your service because time is flying……..
    third year card will not be honored, sorry.
Phone: 757 - 753 - 8535
E-Mail: mindandbodyfocusltd@gmail.com
1158 Professional Dr, Suite G
Williamsburg, VA 23185