What is The Opening Channels Program?

The Opening Channels Program is a unique combination of homeopathic, botanical, and nutritional supplements designed to “set the stage” for healing by opening the pathways of elimination in the body, including the colon, liver, spleen, kidneys, etc.
The synergistic ingredients in the Opening Channels products have been used traditionally to aid and assist with digestion, elimination, hydration, pH balancing, and liver/gut function. The products are all natural, safe, and designed to work with your body as the first step in an overall healing strategy.

How do the products work?

The Opening Channels Program works with the body’s natural flow system to assist in restoring a healthy balance. In today’s fastpaced world, almost everyone accumulates unwanted toxins in their bodies.
The combination of botanicals, nutritionals, and homeopathics in the Opening Channels products supports the body’s natural ability to eliminate toxins gently via the pathways of drainage and elimination.

How will I benefit?

Utilizing The Opening Channels Program as the first step in a healing process that includes proper diet and exercise can offer numerous benefits, such as promoting normal digestion and elimination, increasing nutrient uptake, balancing pH and lost minerals, increasing energy, cleansing the liver and colon, and restoring hydration to the cells.*

The Opening Channels Program is convenient to take. There is no need to stop eating or go on an extended retreat in order to complete the program.
This program is easy to use and can fit into anyone’s schedule. It even comes in a portable pack with a pillbox and information booklet so you can take it with you wherever you go!

Product details

Homeopathic to hydrate the cells.
A homeopathic remedy designed to encourage the absorption of water and enhance cellular communication.

Naturally occurring liquid ionic trace minerals
This formula is designed to replenish lost minerals and electrolytes while balancing pH and increasing energy levels.*

Colon Clear
Gentle herbal colon support
This product is designed to gently cleanse the intestinal tract.* Patients are encouraged to drink ample amounts of water with ReHydration for best results.

Pure Body Clear
Liver, kidney, spleen, and lymph support
Works synergistically with Colon Clear to open the primary pathways of drainage and elimination. Contains a proprietary blend of herbs known to gently cleanse the liver, kidneys, and spleen.*

Flora Synergy
Lactobacillus sporogenes with naturally occurring FOS
Designed to maintain the proliferation of beneficial or “good” bacteria throughout the intestinal tract.* Exists in a protected spore form and survives heat and gastric juices.
No refrigeration necessary!

Concentrated white fish protein with rosemary and lemon extract
Excellent source of easily digestible protein
designed to provide the body with building blocks it needs to naturally restore tissue.*

Full-spectrum digestive enzymes in an organic/wildcrafted herbal base
Contains a blend of digestive enzymes along with herbs known to assist with food transportation, digestion, and elimination.*

 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

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